24 January 2017

Flying through the air, in tight fitting outfits and managing unbelievable feats. Vaulters and Superheroes are more closely related than you think.

There are the obvious similarities, a love of tight fitting outfits and the way they fly through the air with ease.


Like Batman and Robin, vaulters also have their trusty partners in crime in the form of the beautiful horses who allow them to compete to such a high level. Take Anna Cavallaro and Monaco Franze 4 or Clement Taillez and Dyronn, these are two world famous combinations that have proved so successful because of their relationship with their equine partners.


However a similarity that often goes unnoticed is that just like Superheroes the majority of vaulters competing in the FEI World Cup™ lead a double life.  They have another alias that allows them to hide in plain sight.


Like the X-Men, they are in all professions scattered all over the world

The only difference is that unlike the superheroes we are most familiar with who were gifted their powers, vaulters have to work extremely hard to balance work and training in order to compete at the very highest level of the sport.


Take Kristina Boe, the current world number one and winner of the last two World Cup qualifiers, she disguises herself by working full-time as a doctor since qualifying in January 2016.  


“Everybody says the first year being qualified is the hardest so hopefully now it will get a bit more relaxed and I will be more able to fit my day better around training and work.  I am lucky I have great colleagues who support my sport. However, my thirty holidays a year are solely set aside for vaulting.”


Kristina Boe isn’t the only vaulter to be using a medical profession as an alias.  Lorenzo Lupacchini, is currently studying to be a dentist, while Syra Schmid also hopes to study medicine in the future.

Spiderman protected civilians while going through his high school and college education.

 Zoe Maruccio manages to compete at the highest level whilst studying law. Francesco Bortoletto and Thomas Brüsewitz currently study sport science and Jolina Ossenberg-Engels fits vaulting around her psychology studies.


Jannik Heiland, like Tony Stark (Iron Man), currently works as an engineer, working part-time for Krüger Aviation, whilst Regina Burgmayr works at least 40 hours a week for a project management company in Munich.


Like Captain America and Batman, Theresa-Sophie Bresch and Torben Jacobs also have a superhero mentor in the form of lunger and coach Patric Looser, winner of the World Equestrian Games back in 2010.


You never know - your co-worker, friend or neighbour could be a superhero vaulter in disguise!


In Dortmund at the FEI World Cup™ vaulting final, like with Marvel, these Avengers will assemble.  However, they will be battling against each other for the prestigious honour of being crowned FEI World Cup™ Vaulting winner 2016/2017.



Text by Hannah Eccles

Images by Gustavo Lorenzo/FEI


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