Top 10 #TwoHearts
Instagram Posts

08 September 2016

Our 10 favourite #TwoHearts posts on Instagram

The #TwoHearts campaign has taken over the equestrian world, with photos and statuses all across the globe featuring the hashtag which pays homage to the unique bond between rider and horse. Spectators were quick to form hearts with their hands every time a camera panned towards them, and even the major Olympic medallists posted their #TwoHearts updates as the games went on.

With some beautiful, heartwarming, and powerful #TwoHearts shots from equestrian fans popping up all over Instagram, we’ve decided to pick 10 of our favourites.

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1. This picture by @noellefloydstyle proves that sometimes, it isn’t stylish…but you get over anyway:



2. Nick Skelton and the very aptly named Big Star enjoy a special moment, posted by @equestrianteamgbr. We hope he got a carrot afterwards! Big Star, that is…


3. Steve Guerdat shows off his soft’s not only the gold medallists who love, trust and give their hearts to their horses...



4. Ever wondered what it looks like backstage at major event?  Well at the Paralympics in Rio, these Dutch grooms are making the most of a lazy afternoon, and so is the horse!



5.  Struck_apparel has their own unique take on the Olympic rings…and we think we might like it even better than the original...



6. Some emoji love from @yourridingsuccess shows the differences between a gelding and a mare’s day.  How true…



7. When two athletes meet.  David Beckham shows off his newest tattoo of a horse, alongside the real thing…



8. Some graphic art from @eventing_images shows #TwoHearts in an unusual light. All done on an iPad too.



9. The #TwoHearts-ness between the rider and horse is unique, but there’s also the connection with the grooms, coaches and and those behind the scenes those that help make it all happen.



10. She said “Yes” - a proposal at the FEI’s Equestrian Playground in Rio.  How cool was that!


Text by Sophie Baker & Paul Stretton

Images from Liz Gregg & Social Media