Endurance Champ!

18 August 2017

Germany’s Sabrina Arnold has claimed her first major individual Championship win as she and Tarzibus were crowned FEI European Endurance Champions 2017 in Brussels.

The German pair, who are based near Marseilles, led from the first loop and completed the 160-kilometre course in a time of 7.14.52, with an average speed of 22kph.


The 10-year-old gelding was praised throughout for his fast recovery times and the pair finished more than 15 minutes ahead of their closest rivals.


Sabrina keeps fit by running after her two-year-old. And four hours of riding a day!

A prominent competitor on the international circuit, Arnold won last year’s FEI European Endurance Championships for Young Horses in France with the seven-year-old Tsagan Nour.

She started riding when she was 6, and broke Tarzibus at 6, who’s now 10. She won the Young Horse Championships last year and tomorrow she's doing that again here in Brussels with a different horse, over 120k.


“I’m really thrilled to have won today. My horse has a naturally fast recovery rate and he was incredible. I won the young horse championships last year and I’m hoping to do the same thing again tomorrow!”

Sabrina Arnold


Sabrina has a two-year-old son, so in four years she's achieved a lot! When we asked her about how she keeps fit for her events, she said that “running after her two-year-old and four hours of riding a day will do it!”

She puts it down to her amazing horse! She told us that he has naturally fast recovery rates, which is a huge asset in Endurance horses.  But it seemed to us that she obviously trains really hard herself, (but wouldn't admit it!)


Well done Sabrina and Tarzibus!


In Numbers


4,421 - Hectares the course is made up of

68 - Athletes and horses competing
20 - Countries from across Europe
22 - Average kph speed of the winning horse and rider
160 - Distance raced in km
5 - Loops of the course
33 - Combinations finished
Images by Martin Dokoupil

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