Poetic Justice
For Brazil

26 September 2016

Some might call it poetic justice that Team Brazil clinched the title of the Longines Challenge Cup on Sunday...

...to bring the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping 2016 Final to a close yesterday. 


Squeezed out of a medal position at the Olympic Games on their home turf in Rio de Janeiro last month, they missed qualifying for last night’s Furusiyya Final competition by just a single second, but redeemed themselves plenty by taking home some well-earned glory at last. 


Initially cancelled on Friday night due to extreme weather conditions, the competition was open to the 10 teams that didn't make it to the Final on Saturday.  


If you missed the live action, fear not.  You can watch every moment right here:

Former Olympic and World champion, Rodrigo Pessoa, talked about his team’s path to today’s success.

“We got our thoughts together and approached this competition with a lot of will to do well and to come out on top. We were confident we would have good result.” 


There was a bonus of €50,000 on offer to riders that could succeed in producing clear rounds on Thursday and again today, and Pedro Veniss was the only one who managed to do that. He was delighted with his horse - “He’s unbelievable, and he’s my friend!” the 33-year-old rider said. 



Rio 2016 Olympic team gold medallist, Penelope Leprevost, who headed home to France when the class was called off on Friday, jumped back on a flight to get back to Barcelona for the  event! 

Now that’s dedication… 





1.    Brazil 12 faults

2.    Qatar 16 faults

3.    Colombia 18 faults

4.    Spain 21 faults

5.    France 21 faults

6.    Australia 25 faults

7.    Sweden 26 faults

8.    Austria 29 faults

9.    Mexico 33 faults

10.  Egypt 36 faults 


Text by Louise Parkes

Photography by Richard Juilliart