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02 November 2016

Bullying sucks.

It sucks a lot.


It can happen in any place and to all walks of life. Every schoolyard, workplace and sports club will have at least one story of a bully that has caused misery to those in their sights.  


The sports world is no stranger to them, but thankfully there are some that decide to take a stand and do something about it.   


Based in the UK, Equestrian group Tudor Rose Equine has launched a #notonmyyard campaign aimed at tackling bullying and harassment in the equestrian world.  To mark this new first-of-its-kind UK initiative, they arranged an official photo shoot with renowned Equine Photographer Katie Amos. 


“We’ve been following the campaign from the very beginning, we want to support in any way we can and hope that everybody gets involved”

"I think it’s an excellent initiative... the equine world there are a number of issues regarding bullying and they need addressing, we at Kelsall Hill are delighted to be an ambassador”, Managing Director Phil Latham said.


The campaign is currently gaining momentum through social media with the hashtag #notonmyyard where equestrians from all walks of life within the industry are posting their support. 



International Riders and Industry experts travelled the length and breadth of the country to attend the photo shoot as campaign ambassadors, all of whom had experienced or witnessed bullying & harassment in many forms through their professions, studies and hobbies. 


International Eventer Michael Owen added “I’ve seen this type of thing first hand and am proud to be part of the #notonmyyard campaign”


Reaseheath Equine College Lecturer Samantha Brentnall  praised the campaign “We’re backing not on my yard as every year we see students come to us having been bullied, we want them to know that there is support for them early on in the industry”

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Blue Chip Academy All Stars Issy Nami and David Morris said...

“we’ve been following the campaign from the very beginning, we want to support  in any way we can and hope that everybody gets involved” 


Also at the shoot was Sargent Cara Charlesworth of Greater Manchester Police Mounted Division, she stressed the seriousness of the problem saying “it’s definitely an unreported issue. It’s also often unknown to perpetrators that some behaviour is criminal & has long lasting effects on victims”


Other messages of support for the campaign have been received from fellow equestrians including Oliver Townend, Ben Hobday, Natasha Baker MBE, Nick Skelton, John Whitaker, Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks.


For more information regarding the Launch, open evening or the campaign itself contact Tudor Rose Equines through



Text from Tudor Rose Equines & Paul Stretton/FEI

Images by Katie Amos