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21 September 2018

Here's some daily info from the team at Tryon, working behind the scenes at the Live@Tryon show...

Sunday, Sept 23


So this it. The final day of the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games. But we think we’ve saved the best till last, so do please join us at Midday EDT on Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and FEITV.


The course walk for the final group in the Jumping starts just as we go live, so we will be joining the riders for that. There is also a great look back at our favourite moments, and be sure not miss Ayden and Nick on a vaulting horse and actually doing some vaulting!


You should have seen the health and safety forms that I needed to fill in for that!


All the team at IMG Productions have loved bringing you Live@Tryon, and we hope the backstage feel we have tried to bring you has given you an insight into what goes into something like The World Equestrian Games.


From all of us in North Carolina thanks for watching and we hope to catch you again soon smiley



Saturday, Sept 22


It’s the first day of Fall (autumn to us in Europe) and bang on cue the weather has delivered our first misty day. The horses appear out of the fog as ghostly aspirations, all we need is a headless rider to complete the scene.



There is an ‘end of term’ feeling amongst the crew, excitement that we will soon be going home, but sadness that this magnificent event is coming to an end. Today is one of my favourite events, the Driving Marathon. Close your eyes and you can hear Charlton Heston in Ben Hur.


The Philippaerts brothers take on our Horseshoe Challenge and let me tell you there is no brotherly love lost in that competition.


Ayden is joined at the Vaulting by Model and horse enthusiast Mattia Harnacke whilst Nick is with the carriage drivers. Oh, and Ayden goes shopping…now I am really worried!


Watch how it all pans out at Midday EDT on FEITV, FEI Facebook page and FEI Twitter feed.



Friday, Sept 21


We have breaking news from North Carolina…Ayden is in love! It seems interviewing Nicola Philippaerts for today’s programme was too much for her. We reached out to Nicola for comment, but as yet have had no response!



You may recall I told you that yesterday we had two birthdays on the team. Well last night we did go out to celebrate,  and I have to tell you I have some real concerns about today’s programme. The main concern revolves around the 32oz Margaritas that some of my colleagues enjoyed. We are all talking in hushed tones right now, and our stock of Panadol has been severely diminished.


It’s the first day of Driving today so the last of the disciplines is now under way. We will be live from the driving area today catching up on all the stories. Remember Live@Tryon is an Access All Areas show, getting you to places the main TV coverage doesn’t get you. But if you want to watch the action FEI.TV is the place to go.


See you at midday EDT!


Thursday, Sept 20


You know what they say about London buses? OK, if you don’t live in London you probably don’t know what they say about London buses.


Basically you wait for half an hour for one bus and then two come along at once. And that’s what we got today with birthdays. No birthdays during our trip, and today we have two! 



Freddie (who has hair) and who has filmed a lot of the features you have seen on Live@Tryon and Chris (no hair!) our mega talented engineer who has made sure all those pictures get to you are both celebrating. Happy Birthday guys!


I am told we might all go out for a couple of milkshakes later!


But before that we have to put todays programme out. We’ve got a great look at the work the vets do here at the Tryon Equestrian Centre, Nick gets to ride on a driving carriage (we nearly lost Freddie off the back!) and Ayden meets the cutest dog you ever saw. As ever we are planning for tomorrows show as well when we will meet the family that came all the way from Australia to be here, and an exclusive peek at the vaulting stables.



Tuesday, Sept 18


The sun is out, the Jumpers are here and all is good in the World of WEG!


Todays ‘Live@Tryon’ has two of the most inspirational stories you can imagine, so try and join us at Midday EDT if you can, or catch the show later on Facebook, You Tube and FEITV.


We meet Natasha Baker and Stinna Kaastrup, both Para Dressage athletes who have overcome disability to be champions of the world.



Natasha (pictured here with commentator Rupert Bell) will be in action this morning in the Grade 3 competition, whilst Stinna won the Grade II event yesterday. There is also another of our popular ‘behind the scenes’ features as we go backstage to the Jumping stables!


The team have a big day ahead today as they try to catch up on all the stories we think you will be interested in.  We meet the vets that keep the horses healthy, the volunteers that keep the event going as well as  Boyd Exell showing Nick how the driving horses are tacked.


We might even put him on the back of a carriage wink



Tuesday, Sept 18


Tryon Equestrian Centre is bathed in early morning sunlight today. Hurricane? What hurricane we ask ourselves?  Altholugh the break in proceedings did give our presenters Ayden and Nick some, erm, bonding time!


We pass the Dressage horse boxes as they stream out of the venue. The Para-Dressage horses have replaced them and we plan to some stable shots with them today. And the jumpers are in town as well, good to see them here as well.


Most of the Live@ Tryon team are British, so we allowed ourselves a celebration drink last night after the team’s double Dressage success. We are staying in a town called Shelby, which is just over half an hours drive from Tryon. There aren’t that many eating options there, so we have settled on one place where we are now welcomed as regulars. The team played a strange game called Corn Hole, which seemed to require a bag going into a hole-they won!



As I write this Ayden has taken Nick onto a horse simulator to teach him how to ride- this you HAVE to watch! So join us at midday EDT for today’s Live@Tryon show.



Monday, Sept 17


Florence has gone. In her wake North Carolina is sinking! What will we find when we get back on site? The journey is fine, the roads are wet but no more than a rainy day anywhere in Europe. The first sign Florence’s visit is the car parks…well lakes really. We try and find a dry spot so the camera gear is safe.


The road from the car parks to the Tryon Equestrian Centre is partly washed away, great divots streak the road, as if someone with very long fingernails has scratched the surface, But the arenas look fine and preparations are under way for the jumping phase of the eventing competition. We get to our cabins…the sandbags have done their job and we are dry!



Today Ayden is planning to put Nick on a horse…well a simulator anyway, that should be fun. We will also be backstage as the medals are decided in the eventing, so remember to join us on Facebook, You Tube and FEITV at midday EDT 18.00 CET.



Sunday, Sept 16


The team that brings you Live@Tryon is huddled at our hotel watching the rain lashing down.

We aren’t allowed on site today because Hurricane Florence may now only be a storm, but she is dropping so many inches of water and is so windy that it is not safe.


But through the magic of TV you can still enjoy our show at midday...OK so we made it yesterday but don’t tell anyone.

Watch out for an item with Alan Davies, who is Charlotte Dujardin’s groom as well as the local police taking on our Horseshoe Challenge. 

Hopefully we will be back tomorrow but for now the cards are out and I have a great hand smiley



Saturday, Sept 15


It’s official…Sunday’s events are postponed till Monday due to Hurricane Florence (now a mere Tropical Storm) arriving.


Already the Tryon Equestrian Centre looks like one of those bad Westerns-it’s not tumbleweed blowing across the parched earth, but cans of drink and discarded start lists.


The biggest danger right now? The accreditation we all have to wear catching us in the eye!



We have to be out of here by 7pm because after that it is just going to be too dangerous. Now the problem is how do we bring you Live@Tryon tomorrow when we are not there? The technical wizards here at IMG are trying to work out a way to do just that.


Today’s show should be OK though and it should be a great one because Ayden is at the Cross-Country finish whilst Nick is in the stables. Be sure to watch out for our version of ‘Supermarket Challenge’ as well. It is the kind of ‘access all areas’ we promised you, so be sure to watch at midday Eastern Standard Time



Friday, Sept 14


‘Stop nagging,’ they said.


All I had mentioned was that it is usually about now, a few days into an event, that someone turns up having forgotten his or her accreditation. I am not one to brag, but sure enough, our Chief Engineer looked into his bag and had forgotten his accreditation- one- nil to the old guys wink



And so we take the familiar 45-minute journey from our hotel to the Tryon Equestrian Centre. Well, 45 minutes if you don’t see a state trooper in the mirror. ‘Sorry officer, I am English what did I do wrong?’


This is the last dry day until Hurricane Florence comes knocking. Will there be a Live@Tryon show tomorrow?? Well we will certainly do our best, but there is talk of over 10 inches of rain and power cuts.



In the meantime today’s show features Ayden on a driving obstacle course (no wise cracks about women drivers from us) whilst Nick has a look at the important job the farriers do.


So don’t forget to join us on FEITV, You Tube and Facebook live from Midday Eastern Time (6pm CET) or just watch us on catch up when you can.


CLICK HERE to check us out at 12.00 EDT 18.00 CET and let us have your questions or comments with #Tryon2018 and #BeOne



Thursday, Sept 13


Breakfast at the hotel in Shelby, about a 45-minute drive to the Tryon Equestrian Centre. Everyone is quiet, and listening to the latest on Hurricane Florence. She is due to hit Friday morning, and we will feel the effects on Friday night.


We are making plans for both our Live@Tryon programme and for everyone’s health and safety. A trip to Walmart stocks us up with enough water to see us through, but there is a rush on petrol so we need to fill up.



The Americans working with us on this seem quite worried, which makes the UK contingent even more so! But the show must go on, so Nick is going to the Eventing trot up, whilst Ayden continues her search for the champion horseshoe thrower. We also catch up with the Canadian team as they check out the Cross-Country course and we will see the first medals awarded to the Reining teams. 


CLICK HERE to check us out at 12.00 EDT 18.00 CET and let us have your questions or comments with #Tryon2018 and #BeOne