Pony Paradise: Blue Stallion Farm

20 February 2021

We travel to sunny Florida to bring you our latest picturesque barn to feature in our Pony Paradise series...

This idyllic and mesmerising Blue Stallion Farm is the family home of Gany Lalo, her husband, their children, and an assortment of happy animals.


This stunning, vibrant, and homely equestrian facility sits just outside of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


And if this home had a recipe, it would contain five cups of country charm, two tablespoons of vibrant aesthetic, a scoop of equestrian chic, and a healthy splash of homely realness.


But you may be surprised to hear that the journey to Blue Stallion Farm wasn’t as traditional as you may assume. In fact, Gany’s journey into the equestrian world is far from your typical “I grew up with horses” tale.



Born in Panama, Gany would spend lazy afternoons watching the TV show Heidi and dreaming of living a life like that of the main character - filled with countryside bliss and equestrian pursuits galore.


At a young age, Gany and her family made the move to Florida, but while Florida may be the winter show season wonderland, it wasn’t an immediate foray into equestrianism for a young Gany.


In fact, it wasn’t until the age of 39 that Gany first began taking riding lessons, and soon after bought her first horse, before then searching for an equestrian property that her family could call home.


A passionate and hard-working career woman, Gany is the CCO of the renowned Invicta Watch Group.


Chatting with Gany, her creative flair and attention to detail shine through, and it’s easy to see why she was the lady to create one of the most irresistible pony paradise properties that we’ve seen up to this point!


 The Happiest Dining Room 



Stables overlook the outside seating area which is often used (pre-COVID) for family gatherings and dinner parties with friends.


 Banyan Trees 



The property is home to stunning topiary and trees, including this Banyan tree, which makes you forget that you’re only minutes from Fort Lauderdale.


One of the greatest aspects of the Blue Stallion Farm design is that all areas have been made to work with the natural landscape and not take away from it.


 Stable Door Details 



Even the mini members of the family enjoy elements created just for them! With transformable stable doors that allow the shorter equine inhabitants to enjoy the glorious view.


 Animals Galore 



It’s not only horses that call the Blue Stallion Farm home, with countless chickens, several dogs, a couple of cats, a pig, and even a tortoise; all co-existing in this not so small slice of paradise.





Nothing fills an equestrian’s heart with joy, quite like looking over these lush green paddocks hugged by perfectly maintained fencing.


 Spend Your Time Where You’re Happiest 



When your home is as perfect as this dream property, it makes perfect sense to enjoy every nook and cranny.


Take this barn aisle picnic, for example - a great use of space; and the ideal way to combine your love of horses with your love of home.


 Stable-Side Lounging 



The perfect spot to sit and enjoy the sound of your horses munching hay while they’re cozily tucked up in the stable.




Final Thoughts...

Scrolling the Instagram feed of Blue Stallion Farm fills you with a sense of calm, an immediate urge to transform your own property, and a potent reminder as to why we all so love the equestrian lifestyle so much.



I’d go as far as saying that Gany is the Queen of the equestrian lifestyle aesthetic.


During our chat Gany let me in on a little secret. That Blue Stallion Farm will soon be launching its very own line of lifestyle products, starting with the most charming soap you’ve ever set your eyes upon.


We adore seeing when horse lovers create their dream properties, and especially in the age of COVID. I think we could all do with taking a leaf out of Gany’s book and spending the time to create a horsey home that you never even want to leave!


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Words by Nadia Aslam


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