RIDE: Tina's Lifetime of Love for Horses

10 February 2021

In our latest RIDE episode, we feature Danish Jumping Athlete Tina Lund...

FEI TV's new series, RIDE, takes a deeper look into the equestrian world and explores the bond between humans and horses across the planet.


In this episode, Tina, who is a true equestrian legend in her home country, speaks about her family life, her love for horses and her career. 


The 19-time Danish national champion, who explains she has always had a love for horses, still holds the world record for the youngest national champion, winning her first championship at 11 years of age. 


She is the daughter of former Danish football player Flemming Lund, who helped to develop her drive and positive outlook on life and sport. 


After marrying former Premier League star Allan Nielsen and having children, the family moved to Dubai, a growing hotspot in the world of equine sport.


She said: “This country is only 49 years old, so everything is still new and even with the sport. But I think they are catching up quite fast and they are doing a really good job. Every year something gets better.”


Tina’s parents also moved to Dubai with the family, which she explains provides a fantastic support system that is essential for a long career in equestrian sport.


“My goal is to keep riding until I am 60 for sure, and then maybe I will become a trainer," she said. "So I hope from the beginning of my life, to the end of my life I will be in the sport.” 


Watch the video here…


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