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27 April 2019

The American star is already aiming at one more roll of the dice for FEI Dressage World Cup™ Final glory in Las Vegas in 2020!

Laura Graves will have at least one more crack at FEI Dressage World Cup™ glory with Verdades after the two came second for a third season in a row in Gothenburg earlier this month.


Speaking to, Laura revealed she and her popular 17-year-old bay gelding will attempt to win the FEI Dressage World Cup in Las Vegas next year after coming agonisingly close to Isabell Werth yet again. She says Verdades would have been retired from FEI Dressage World Cup™ action had they achieved victory in Gothenburg.


The 31-year-old from Florida looks back at another stunning performance with her beloved ‘Diddy’ in Gothenburg - which you can watch below - and reveals what she considers her strengths and weaknesses as a Dressage athlete…

Firstly, how was Gothenburg for you and Verdades?

Laura: “We had a terrific time in Gothenburg! It took us four whole days to get there but the horses travelled great.


“Every World Cup is a completely different experience. Verdades was really up for the challenge and in top form.


“I really thought that this year might be our year! But Isabel proves hard to beat every time.”


Do you feel you are getting closer to Isabell Werth?

Laura: “I really think that it was anyone’s title this year. So many horses were in top form and I believe 10 combinations over 80%.


“I thought that if Verdades and I were able to win this year, he would be finished with World Cups. But now I am eager to try again, at home in Las Vegas.”


How do you find competing in Europe?

Laura: “The horses are so used to the travel, but of course not having to travel so far is a definite advantage. As Americans, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to keep ourselves next to the other best horses and riders in the world.


“We were home in Miami by the Tuesday after the World Cup. It was a quick and very exhausting travel.”


What will be the major targets for you this season?

Laura: “For Verdades, he will have a quiet year competition-wise and we will mostly focus on his fitness. My focus will switch a bit to the younger horses I have and preparing them for our National Championships.”


Could you tell us about Verdades?

Laura: “Verdades, while he is so serious during his work, is actually quite the opposite without the saddle. He is such a happy guy and is extremely social. He loves to communicate and learn.


“He is curious, and also spooky, which can get him into trouble at times!


“He is truly a part of me. If one of my girls is walking him and I call his name or he sees me, he will plant his feel and stare at me until I come over to him.


"The only reason either of us is as successful as we are is because of each other."

"I'm completely
obsessed with
my horses"

What do you feel is your biggest strength as a Dressage athlete... and what is the thing you'd most like to improve?

Laura: “I think my biggest strength is that I am a serious self-critic. I am completely comfortable picking out my flaws and seeking out help to improve them.


“I am also completely obsessed with my horses. Which is a strength for my horses and my clients but personally, it is something I wish I had better balance in my life.”


What do you like to do away from equestrian?

Laura: “Like I just said, I am very obsessed with my work. And aside from riding, I have very little talent! I do like to cook and to garden. Both things I would like to make more time for this year.”


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