How Does
Horse Massage

29 May 2018

Just like humans, horses deserve a bit of a pamper every now and then.

In the latest FEI Health & Fitness video we follow beautiful Marques as he enjoys a massage from Michele Haman of Equilibrium Therapy to help release tension and aid recovery.


As she works over Marques’ body, she describes the different massage techniques available for horses, the different requirements depending on the animal and its lifestyle and what benefits can be gained...


Why is massage useful for a horse?

“Massage requires a lot of understanding of anatomy and the biomechanics of how the horse is supposed to move,” Michele says.


“I would say there's a lot of different types of massage techniques they can use on humans or on animals and the massage therapist that I go to myself actually does a lot of the same techniques that I do.”


The frequency of massage depends on the horse’s lifestyle. Some animals may only be visited once or twice a year, while other hard-working horses benefit from being massaged every couple of weeks.


“I would say the biggest percentage of our client base is high-end performance horses because they do need more body work,” Michele says.


“But we work from everything from minis that do a little bit of Driving to your horses that are completely retired and don't do anything anymore, but their owners want to keep them comfortable as long as possible.”



Massage can help horses to recover from and prevent injury. Using a masseur also adds an extra layer of care for a horse’s well-being.


“I'm constantly working with the veterinarians,” says Michele. “If I'm feeling anything that is of concern I'm obviously referring to them".


“I just try to keep that line of communication open and make sure that we're both on the same page and that everybody understands what we're finding with the horses and if there's an issue that way we already know what's been going on historically so everybody's got the same information.”


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