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06 September 2016

The mighty Boyd Exell does it again.

The World Champion from Australia rocked it once more at the 23rd edition of the FEI World Four-in-Hand Driving Championship at Breda, the Netherlands.

He Exell-ed (sorry)  and won all three phases of the combined competition to be crowned individual World Champion for the fourth time in a row. 

We had our, quite frankly, ridiculously good photographer Christophe Taniere out there to document the dirt, euphoria, tears, elegance, laughter, grime, champagne and rain that came together to make up the event. 

“I was very pleased with my test,
the horses went very well."

In the Dressage section...

...Boyd had decided to use the experienced 16-year old gelding Rambo in the wheel instead of the better moving mare Daphne.


The Champ showed perfect transitions and extensions with his beautiful team of horses and was awarded with the winning score of 33,15 points by the Ground Jury:


“I was very pleased with my test, the horses went very well. I am disappointed that the Judges were not brave enough to give points,” he said.


Some 10,000 spectators visited the event on marathon day.

As the day went on, the competition became very exciting, with a great deal of activity.


The most unfortunate event in the marathon was when the young talented driver Edouard Simonet from Belgium's carriage tipped over. Edouard was thrown but managed to hold on to the reins and injured only his ankle.


All eyes were set on last starter Boyd Exell, who unsurprisingly put in an excellent performance.  Well, World Champ and all that...


German lady driver Mareike Harm drove an excellent cones course and left the arena with only 2,44 for exceeding the time, which moved her from the 16th to the well-deserved 9th position, finishing as the best four-in-hand lady driver in the world.


After winning the dressage and the marathon, Boyd also won the obstacle competition, which is unique at a World Championship.


The Dutch team won the gold medal for the fifth consecutive time.


Text by Cindy Timmer & Paul Stretton/FEI

Photography by FEI/Christophe Taniere


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