Equestrian Eventing Champion William Fox-Pitt


24 October 2018

Five-time Olympian William Fox-Pitt explains why he still loves Eventing...

William Fox Pitt is one of the world's most successful Eventing athletes, having been up and around the top of the sport for nearly 30 years.


He has represented Team GB and won medals at a number of Olympic Games and major championships for more than two decades.


Now 49 years old, he tells Equestrian World that he has surprised even himself by continuing to compete with the world’s elite!


In a candid interview he looks back at some of his most glorious moments, great horses and his work with Japanese athlete Kazuma Tomoto ahead of this year’s FEI World Equestrian Games™.


See the full video below…


So after so much success and achieving almost everything in the sport, why does he keep on going?

“It really is a good life,” Fox-Pitt says. “I think that is what why I'm still riding. I still love it.


“I kind of think, ‘I was gonna give up after London, and that was gonna be plenty’. But London came and went and I thought I’d keep going a little, and then I got Chilli Morning and I just thought I’m gonna ride him a bit longer.


“Right now I've got a couple of horses and I think I'm just gonna ride them a bit longer. But I also think, ‘Oh for goodness sake, I’m nearly 50!'”


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