This Esme
and Casper
Head to
the Beach

05 March 2019

YouTube sensation This Esme and her beloved pony Casper love nothing more than a trip to the seaside for a morning hack.

In a special new video for the FEI’s official YouTube channel, This Esme and Casper get up early and head to the beach for some fun in the sand.


Check out this exclusive video below (and guess what happens at 5:30!!) ....

Some might look outside and see a cold winter morning, but This Esme sees an opportunity for an enjoyable ride.

She gets Casper ready for a short journey in the trailer and then leads him down the beach for an idyllic paddle just as dawn is breaking.


Before long the two are galloping through the shallow tide with Casper picking up the pace as he enjoys splashing through the water.


When the fun’s over This Esme offers some helpful tips and tricks on cleaning up your horse and tack after a trip out.


What other videos would you like to see Esme produce for the FEI? Let us know :)


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