09 August 2017

Horse show fashion is a form of expression and individuality for both men and women and can be seen most in the reining show pen.

Styles speak for themselves; from cowboy hats to design vests, from chaps to boots, reining exhibitors are showing their personality through their outfits.


Coordinating the saddle pad and outfit is a growing trend for both women and men; custom western pads and show jackets for women or shirts for men that match perfectly is a popular go-to for many exhibitors.




Show Jackets

Show jackets for women are becoming a must and often imply extensive design and crystal work.  The intricate designs and incredible details that go into creating these are amazing, and some of the higher-end ones can cost hundreds of dollars!



Cowboy Hats

Hats are more much more than a piece of apparel. In the Old West, cowboys seldom ventured outside without a hat to protect them from the hot sun and still remain important to working cowboys and ranchers who count on them for protection from sun, wind and rain.



But the cowboy hat is much more than a piece of work clothing: it is a symbol of western values and lifestyle.


The majority of hats – fur or straw - you will see in the reining arena are handmade with the highest-quality materials.  Hats are also personalized with touches such as beading and embroidery.



Chaps have their origin as protective clothing. Today they set the tone for colour and style enhancing western attire. In reining competitions they are optional, yet high-quality leather chaps are often worn on top of jeans to complete the outfit.




Original Western boots were work boots. Today, they say a lot about the person wearing them and are a must in western attire. Cowboy boots are often custom and hand-made using the best quality leather.



See the real thing over on FEI TV and check out the bling for yourself!


Text by Simona Diale