The Chardons:
A Driving Dynasty

04 February 2019

Bram Chardon is following his father Ijsbrand’s footsteps by taking the Driving world by storm…

Equestrian World visited the Chardons’ stable in the Netherlands to find out more about this talented and passionate family...


With both now being at the top of the sport, we wondered how their relationship has changed…

Bram says the pair’s rivalry is healthy, as they “keep each other sharper and sharper and push each other to the limits”.


“We go to a competition as one, and even though we both won't have the first place we still go as one team,” Bram says.


“There are never fights over family dinner about who's better or crazy arguments. We're still having fun as one!”


“It’s amazing what he’s achieved,” says Bram. “I think there will be very few drivers who can even get close to what he's done through all the years, not just for himself but also as an ambassador for Driving sport.


“He’s really the one who stepped out and got the first big big gold medals into the Netherlands and now we're one of the leading countries in Driving sport.”


The Chardon farm is a busy place with Driving running alongside Eventing and pony teams.


Bram adds: “We always need people behind us. If we go to competitions there are still plenty of horses staying at home and they need to be worked, need to stay fit and need to be taken care of.”


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Images by Krisztina Horváth/​ / FEI / Chardon Family