Boyd Exell:
A New Look

06 July 2017

He's a man who needs no introduction to those in the Equestrian world.  The mighty Boyd Exell.

Four times World Champion. Seven times FEI World Cup™ Driving Champion, he is seen as the best of the best in Driving circles.  Virtually unstoppable when he is on form.  


A lifelong love for horses, he attributes a lot of his success to the deep connection he has with the animals. 


He says:


“You have a connection with horses – grooms who work with the animal have a connection when they’re handling them and I have a connection when I’m training with them.”


The “Champion of Champions”, Boyd has a brand new website where you can learn more about this incredible athlete and his achievements.  


We took a sneak peek at some of his new photos and video that showcases the man, the athlete and the legend that is...



I always go in aiming to be in the top 3 and get the best performance from my horses



Looking good, Boyd!  If you want to learn more, head over to his new website at:


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Images by Graham Flack

“I can feel a trust with my horses – I can feel down the rein if they’re feeling stiff, or if they’re expressive and wanting to show off.”