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09 October 2018

Who gets your vote as this year’s Best Groom in the prestigious FEI Awards?

The Best Groom award is for that important person who works behind the scenes and ensures the horses he or she looks after are given the best possible care. The four nominees on the shortlist for the 2018 award are Lucy Miles, Alex Tyler-Morris, Lee McKeever and Steffi Wiegard, who work with global stars Tim and Jonelle Price, Harrie Smolders, Mclain Ward and Isabell Werth respectively.


Equestrian fans can cast their vote here ahead of a glitzy awards ceremony in Manama, Bahrain on November 20, hosted by five-time Paralympic gold medallist​ Natasha Baker and young Dressage athlete Juan Matute Guimón.


Before making your selection, let’s have a closer look at the nominations below…

FEI Awards 2018

Here are the four nominees...

Lucy Miles (New Zealand)

Eventing, Jonelle and Tim Price

Many grooms can work effectively for one top rider but Lucy manages the complexity of working for TWO top riders who have slightly different styles and requirements - which is not easy! And neither is producing three four * winners in a year – a feat which Lucy delivered in 2018. Lucy always leads by example, maintaining a very high standard and expecting it of her team. She goes “above and beyond” on a constant basis. She is completely dedicated to her equine charges and no stone is ever left unturned in getting them to the start line for Tim and Jonelle in tip top physical and mental condition. Vote here!


Alex Tyler-Morris (Great Britain)

Jumping, Harrie Smolders

Alex is known to be calm and always there to help if advice is needed, is accommodating and understanding to the needs of others. A true pro! Alex and Harrie’s relationship seems so professional, and they bring out the best in each other. They have been incredibly consistent for such a long time and the results speak for themselves – with Harrie currently top of the Longines Rankings! Vote here!


Lee McKeever (USA)

Jumping, McLain Ward

After 30 years of working with McLain Ward, Lee seems just as enthusiastic about what he does and his dedication to the horses as he did then. Not only does he go above and beyond for McLain's horses but he has always been willing throughout the years to help others within the sport. McLain has described him as “the best there is”. Vote here!


Steffi Wiegard (Germany)

Dressage, Isabell Werth

Steffi is an extremely professional groom. She always considers her horses first whether it be day or night. Her love for the horses can be seen in how she cares for them. She never leaves their sides, be it in an aircraft, on a boat or at a show. Whether it’s helping with the horse’s fitness or keeping an eye out in training, Steffi is always there to help Isabell. Vote here!


The FEI Awards were launched in 2009 to put a spotlight on the men, women, young people and organisations that are making an outstanding contribution to the progress and excellence of equestrian sport – in or out of the arena.


Check out the video below to find out more details about the Longines Rising Star award...


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