Her Vision

26 November 2018

After her stunning FEI Dressage World Cup™ in Madrid over the weekend, we find out more about Beatriz Ferrer-Salat…

The Spanish Dressage star, a two-time Olympic medallist, is the new FEI Athletes Committee Member for Dressage. The Representatives, elected by their peers over the summer, have a say on all kinds of matters from elite competitions to safety over a four-year period.


Ferrer-Salat, 52, who took first place in front of her home Spanish fans on Sunday, tell us about her passion for the sport and her drive to help protect horses…

These fantastic
horses move
like ballerinas

How did you first discover your love of horses?

I started riding at the Real Club de Polo Barcelona, and after a year taking lessons at the riding school there, my father offered to buy me a horse.


It was quite a naughty horse who threw me off a few times, and one of the times a man at the club came and asked me if I wanted to learn to ride better, and it happened to be a Dressage trainer.


That’s how I started, and soon became fascinated by the discipline.



What are you most passionate about when it comes to Dressage?

What I love most about Dressage is the art in it; these fantastic horses move like ballerinas, I just find it amazing; and the perfection needed to perform a good test.


It’s such a demanding sport and, for me, I truly believe that our horses are real athletes.


The world of equestrian has undergone a lot of change in recent years. How do you believe your discipline has developed?

Dressage is developing very much. We have better horses and riders, and the kür has helped a lot to make it more attractive for the public. I think now it’s one of the most popular equestrian disciplines.



What made you want to become a Member of the FEI Athletes Committee?

A few months ago, I was asked to put forward my candidacy as the Dressage representative. After giving it quite some thought, I felt I could do a good job as I go to a lot of shows and I am on good terms with all the riders, so I can give a voice to their concerns.


Finally, what are your main goals in the role?

I really want to try to improve the welfare of the horse, because he is a sentient being and deserves to be treated with love and respect.


Finally, an important matter is to make Dressage even more appealing and interesting for a bigger audience, with new ideas and propositions.


Watch Beatriz's brilliant win in Madrid below...

Words by Robert Fletcher

Images by Dirk Caremans / Łukasz Kowalski / Richard Juilliart / Christophe Tanière