9 Tech Tips to
Your Equestrian

08 January 2019

How new technology is changing the face of horse ownership…

If you are a horse owner in today’s modern world, consider yourself lucky.


These days. there's an assortment of innovations at your disposal to help with everything from rugging dilemmas to falling off your horse in the wilderness.


Here’s 9 ways in which high tech can change your equestrian world...

There are tonnes of
apps and programmes

1. Follow the FEI

Of course, where would high tech in the equestrian world be if you couldn’t follow the FEI?


You’ll find several official FEI apps available online, including FEI Sport and FEI TV on the Go, so you don’t have to miss a minute of your favourite competition!


Try the FEI SportApp where you can get a deeper look into your favourite athletes and horses with access to their results and biographies. You can even follow your favourite disciplines and find out where FEI events are happening near you.


Search “fei sportapp” to download for free.



2.  Manage Pasture and Feed


Want to know whether your horses are using all of their turnout space or if you should change your fencing? Consider giving Trackener a try.


While this device can also monitor your horse and send data to your mobile phone, another feature is that it can track where your horse has been 24/7, so you have a better picture of grazing habits and energy expenditure.


3. Stay Safe When Riding Alone

If you fancy going out on hacks by yourself, consider what might happen if you should become unseated and suffer an injury in a fall.


Horse Rider SOS is a unique app that tracks your movement. If you stop moving, it sends an alert to a prearranged contact person and lets them know of your location for a rescue.


Not just for recreational riders, Horse Rider SOS is ideal for large equestrian property owners too.


4. Help with Rugging

Not sure if you should rug your horse or not? Orscana clips to your horse’s rug to send you information about the horse’s temperature and humidity beneath the fabric.


If you detect sweating, you may decide it’s too warm for a rug. Orscana also sends weather forecasts based on your location and lets you know if your horse is moving around a lot in turnout, another indication a rug may be unnecessary.


5. Watch Your Horse in the Night

Nightwatch calls itself ‘the world’s first smart halter’ and was designed to send data to horse owners who are concerned about colic, foaling, or their horse being cast in their absence.


Great for horses in transport too, Nightwatch monitors your horse’s vital signs and behaviours, alerting you via mobile phone or email if there is a change that could indicate a problem.


You’ll know how many times your horse is up and down, how often it rolls, and how fast its heart is beating at any hour of the day or night. 


6.  Map Your Eventing Course

If you’re an Eventer or an avid Eventing spectator, CrossCountry App may be just what you need.


This app lets you record your course with GPS, add photos and striding, and include minute markers.


You don’t need a mobile or Internet connection to run it, and you can use it to share courses too.


Utilised by Olympic gold medallist Ingrid Klimke, you can also plan courses and train riders with CrossCountry App.




7. Run the Stables and Track Training

There are tonnes of apps and programmes available to assist with stable management and training; it’s often simply a matter of sorting out what you need and what works for your geographic area.


Equilab lets you track your training sessions to see patterns and progress.


Equisense offers similar technology and is endorsed by highly ranked French equestrian Simon Delestre.


The Horse Keeper app helps you keep track of immunisations, farrier and dentist sessions, and your horse’s weight, among other data. Want to keep your horse from eating you out of house and home?


Try the University of Minnesota’s Hay Price Calculator App, which lets you compare hay costs for the most economical purchase.


8. Get an 'Uber' for Horses

Equo is a bit like Uber for horses. This app connects drivers with horse owners who need transportation.


If there are multiple rides available in your area, you can select the one that works best for you and relax, knowing your horse will get where it needs to on time.


9. Evacuate in Emergencies

While Twitter and Facebook are excellent for connecting with equestrians around the world, social media can be used for more serious situations as well.


Recently, horse owners around the world have taken to Facebook to create groups for emergency equine evacuation whether for wildfires in California, bushfires in Australia, or hurricanes on the US Atlantic coast.


These groups offer a central location for people to post requests for emergency transport, offers to haul, and places to put up displaced equines and their owners.


Whether you want to create a family evacuation plan or monitor high-risk situations, organisations like Cal Fire are creating apps to get you the information and organisation you need.


If you’re in a danger zone, see if your local rescue group has an app or Facebook page. If not, maybe you’re just the person to get one started!


To keep up to date with the latest development in horse-related technology, follow the FEI on Twitter.


Words by Patricia Salem