7 Things You
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About Patrik Kittel

01 April 2018

Patrik Kittel is one of the hottest properties in Dressage right now, and undoubtedly a crowd favourite wherever he goes.

Whether he’s rocking to Guns N Roses with his Dude - Delaunay Old to you and me – high-fiving the crowd after his brilliant Olympia win in December, or finishing top of the European World Cup qualification group, Patrik Kittel is definitely a unique and exuberant talent.


Ahead of his appearance at this month’s FEI Dressage World Cup™ Final in Paris, FEI.org caught up with the 41-year-old world No.9 to find out exactly what makes him tick. From his World Cup season highs to his Paris targets and which Friends character he thinks he’s most like – and which he’d love to be – here’s seven super facts about the super Swede…

Discos, Friends and standing ovations!

1 Gothenburg was my high...

I think beating my own personal record with Dude in Gothenburg in Sweden was the highlight of the World Cup year. Getting 10 for music and 10 from a couple of judges for difficulty was special, and Dude went with great confidence. Winning at London Olympia was magic, too :)

There are so many good memories, it’s hard to choose!!


2 It’s been an EXTREMELY successful season...

More then I ever thought or hoped! I am so proud of my horses and they all showed such great from and willingness show after show.

The target was to go to the World Cup Final in Paris, and leading the Western European League I can super happy say I managed that!


3 I just want to break out of the box...

That was the reason we created the Guns N Roses routine. It has been very popular - we got standing ovations in Gothenburg. The music is very different and I like that!!


Sometimes the freestyles just sound a bit the same, and I just want to stand out and also mostly I want to ride to music that makes me, the horses and the audience happy - and a bit of rock has never hurt anyone :)


4 Yes, I’m a rocker...

Guns N Roses were very big when I was growing up. So was Billy Idol and Depeche Mode - which are my other freestyles.

I loved them all. Dancing away at discos when you were 15-17 years old and listening to the radio… Those where the days (LOL!!!!)



5 I know all 10 seasons of Friends off by heart...

It’s true, I love Friends! I love that they laugh and have fun and have true friendship. I always watch it before competition. It started a long time ago, as I was very, very nervous. It just made me laugh and took away the stress so I kept doing it!


Which am I most like? I would love to say Joey, but I am probably more like Ross :)


I don't watch so much TV but I do like Games Of Thrones and How I Met Your Mother.

I cannot wait
for what will
be a super,
super final!

6 I’ll never doubt Dude...

Dude doesn't want to make mistakes and he always tries to please the rider, no matter what.

He is confident and not afraid of anything. He has a great mind. He’s gone above and beyond, even breaking my own record with almost 84.

We have a special partnership. Not so many people believed in him when we started, but Carol Oatley, the owner, always did. She always said he will be a top horse, and she was right!

When we won in London I could just tell at the prize-giving how Dude sort of said: “There you go all! I can beat you all!”


7 I love Paris and France...

Seriously, I cannot wait for what will be a super, super final.

Let’s just do a good test and then we see where we end up.

Viva la FRANCE!!


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Text by Richard Mulligan

Images by Jon Stroud / Dirk Caremans / FEI / Kit Houghton


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