5 Things You
Didn't Know
About Vaulter
Nadja Büttiker

30 November 2018

The young Swiss Vaulting star, who also has an unexpected talent (see point 1!) is "building" something special ahead of the new World Cup season!

Nadja, 24, took second place behind rival Kristina Boe in last season's FEI World Cup™ Vaulting final, having led the way in Dortmund until she suffered a rare slip-up in the final round.


As she prepares to begin her FEI World Cup™ Vaulting 2018-19 season in front of the FEI TV cameras in Paris on Saturday, FEI.org found out more about Nadja's passion for her sport, her fabulous horses and some rather unexpected interests away from the Vaulting arena!

Here’s 5 things
you need to know
about Nadja!

1. She’s not just a talented Vaulter

Nadja has become one of the world’s best Vaulters in the last few years, having scored a serious of major wins. However, her talents extend far beyond equestrian as she has qualifications in horticulture and bricklaying. “My hobbies include trying to play the piano and skiing and other sports,” she adds. “Unfortunately, I don’t usually have much time in addition to normal training.”


2. She’s had a few bumps

The fusion of acrobatics and equestrianism was what attracted Nadja to Vaulting as a youngster. While she’s one of the world’s most celebrated Vaulters she’s suffered a few bumps and bruises over the years in this daredevil discipline. She broke her shin a few years back, broke all the ligaments in her foot in 2017, and has picked up a fair few other sprains and tears.


3. She likes to Keep Cool

Nadja enjoys developing a relationship with her horses, in particular the growth of confidence between horse and human. Her fave horse is Keep Cool, the 13-year-old chestnut DSP that helped her to wins in Salzburg and Leipzig last season and partnered her in the Dortmund final. “He’s simply cute,” she says.


4. She can’t wait for Paris

Nadja is looking for a great start to the FEI World Cup™ Vaulting season in one of her favourite cities when she competes in Paris this weekend. A keen traveller, she loves the Eiffel Tower, as well as the “friendliness” of London. She dreams of one day visiting Australia.


5. She’s got something special planned for this year

Nadja has a routine called ‘The time is fleeting’ planned for this season. While not giving too much away about the theme she is keen to show “elegance and joy”. At the outset she’s again looking to reach the FEI World Cup™ Vaulting and make the podium. She also wants to eliminate errors. “As I unfortunately fell in the final last season, I just want to achieve clean passages,” she says.


Watch Nadja's stunning victory in Leipzig below... 


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