10 April 2017

Who didn’t have a poster of their celebrity crush hanging on the wall when they were a teenager? If only they knew how perfect you’d be together! 

Equestrians have a similar feelings about meeting Carl Hester, Ian Millar, Mark Todd or any of their favourite “big names.”


What’s better than that though? Meeting a celebrity who’s also an equestrian!


So, without further ado, here are some of our favourite celebrity horse addicts.




1. Kaley Cuoco



The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco loves riding and uses it to keep herself in shape. So much so, she owns several horses and competes at Jumping in her spare time. 


She’s not shy to show the beauties off – her Instagram feed is chock full of horse pictures. Her boyfriend is Karl Cook, a Grand Prix rider himself who also competed at the Longines World Cup™ Jumping Finals in Omaha, so at least they can ride together in her time off!


2. Jeremy Irons 



The star of "Assassin’s Creed" and "Batman v Superman" has ridden horses since a young age, and now owns his own. In an interview in 2007, he called his horse Paddy one of his most treasured possessions, along with his dogs.


3. Bella Hadid 


Gigi Hadid’s famous sister had set her sights on the Rio Olympics this year. She didn’t quiet make the cut, but she’s a keen rider and clearly quite competitive! 

4.  Richard Hammond 



We know “The Hamster” as one third of the (former) Top Gear presenting team, but he and his family are all equestrian fans. They have a few horses on their farm, and Richard can even be seen riding in Top Gear, where he chases after Jeremy Clarkson on horseback.


5.  Madonna



A keen horse fan for many years, when she was married to Guy Ritchie she spent a lot of time training with none other than William Fox-Pitt!


She was also seen out and about taking her son for riding lessons in May, so maybe it’ll become a family hobby.


6. Kiefer Sutherland 



The legendary actor and star of “24” is a keen roper and has been featured in many magazines and competed to a high level. He’s attributed all his success to having good horses, but this guy can really ride. 


He even won US Team Roping Championships twice, so he’s no slouch! Clearly, this man is multitalented. We wouldn’t mind finding him on a ranch or at our next rodeo.


7.  Viggo Mortensen



It should come as no shock to you that the star of “Lord of the Rings” is a skilled rider and horseman. 


Viggo played Aragorn in and spent a lot of time on horseback during that series. He was also the lead in “Hidalgo”, a movie which pretty much centred around a man and his horse.


Viggo actually bought the horses he rode during both movies because he loved them both so much!



The tabloids went mad in 2014 when Mary-Kate competed at the Hampton Classic show. Obviously, she enjoys a bit of Jumping in her spare time and owns a couple of horses. Not surprising really, considering that the last episode of "Full House" featured her riding…then falling off! 


We hear Mary-Kate also competed from time to time when she was in school, and has owned a handful of horses over the years. 


9.  Russell Crowe 



The Aussie actor has an intense love of horses and even runs a ranch in Nana Glen, a few hours outside Sydney. He’s said before that horses are “just like people”, and we have to agree! 


We all saw him ride in "Gladiator", and anyone who can sit on a horse bareback as easily as Russel must be a horse lover.


Russel even built stables for the movie ‘Australia’ as he was hoping to star in it, although Hugh Jackman won the role. Never mind, he’ll just have to buy more horses to fill the empty stables…


10.  Jamie Foxx



Though you’d never guess it, Jamie Foxx is a horse lover too. In the movie "Django Unchained", Foxx rides his own horse, Cheetah, a little chestnut gelding with a gorgeous white blaze. 


The horse was given to him as birthday present in 2009, and he started learning to ride. He hasn’t looked back since! In fact, Jamie Foxx phoned up Quentin Tarantino, director of Django Unchained, and told him that he wanted the part, he knew how to ride (a necessity for the role) and even had his own horse.


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Text by Sophie Kate Baker

Image credits: Michael Comte, Steven Klein, Pacific Coast News, BBC America & outnow.ch




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