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06 February 2018

A free resource designed to help equestrians around the world...

For those of you who want to get into the know about all-things equestrian, check out the FEI Campus.


FEI Campus is a unique and free resource for everyone with a love of horses and equestrian sport, wherever they are in the world. It’s essentially an online e-learning platform that offers tons of courses on horsemanship for absolutely no cost.

How does horse hair
get its colour? 

'FEI Campus is a real milestone for equestrian sport'

With virtual classrooms and interactive teaching sessions, it’s been carefully crafted by equestrian experts and designed for everyone, including those looking for horse training and stable management tips to educational programmes on veterinary needs, equine behaviour and even for judging certification.


“FEI Campus is a real milestone for equestrian sport,” FEI President Ingmar De Vos said. “We’ve focused on making strong, memorable and attention-grabbing content that is easily accessible for our international equestrian community that is always on the go."


The top three courses at the moment are:


1.  Colors of the Horse covers how the hairs of the coat get their colour; the basic colours of the horse; the many possible variations of the basic colours; and the basic genetics behind the inheritance of colour.


2.  General Conformation, students will learn about how to assess a horse according to its breed or type. This includes what the term conformation means; why a horse’s conformation is important; how use and breed of the horse can affect its conformation; and how to assess different parts of the horse’s body.


3.  Gaits of the Horse covers how gaits are classified and described; the terms used to describe a horse’s movement; the basic gaits; the ambling gaits; and other forms of movement such as the jump.


The courses will be constantly updated with the latest knowledge to keep it fresh and relevant.

FEI Campus is
a unique and
free website

Helping to make equestrian education much easier to acquire...

One of the goals of FEI Campus is to make it less expensive for current and future FEI officials from across the world to get education, meaning that they will be able to follow courses without the costs of travelling and accommodation.

Using FEI Campus:

  • The Homepage provides quick access to all the FEI disciplines, to an entire section on horsemanship and, information about the FEI, FEI Solidarity and our FEI Campus Partners.

  • The Discipline pages act as the central learning hub for each of the FEI disciplines and their Officials education for FEI certification.

  • The Horsemanship pages are aimed at everyone who truly cares about horses with themes such as: Veterinary Education, Equine Health, Husbandry and Feeding, Equine Conformation, The Equine Athlete, Equine Behaviour and Handling, and many more.


FEI Campus is being enriched with content regularly to satisfy horse lovers' keen hunger for knowledge. Head over to to check out all the courses...