27 July 2016

Large Shoes to Fill

Most of you will undoubtedly have heard of the legendary Charlie Chaplin, star of silent screen and comedy genius.  What you may not know is that his Granddaughter is a talented artist as well as accomplished equestrian, competing in Jumping.   Based in Switzerland, where her Grandfather spent his twilight years in the family home, we caught up with Laura to find out a little more about her.

Where did your "horse love" come from.  Did your grandfather ride?

I have loved horses since I can remember. My grandmother had 2 falabellas in the garden as well as a rescued shetland pony, so since a baby I sat on their backs. They became my best friends and toys to play with! Then I got my first real pony when I was 12 years old called Whitney, and then Dolly was and still is my first horse. My grandfather had tried horse riding a couple of times but he wasn’t very comfortable around them.  He thought they were very impressive though!

How do horses improve your life?

Horses have helped me unwind each day - they are my breath of fresh air, bringing so much love, joy and strength.  They are an inspiration and I take great pleasure in expressing their powerful grace through my art. Movement as light as a feather and the strength of a rock.  Having that connection daily makes me understand their moods and expressions that is reflected through my art.

What’s the big deal with horses anyway?  Some people seem to love them more than their partners!

Haha! I wouldn’t go to that extreme but they definitely bring me something else in life that no one can ever replace.

What can being around horses teach young people about life?

Horses have a calming effect on children. They can help teach them to be responsible. They can also teach you to be patient and perhaps to enjoy the little things in life - sharing and caring!

What do you think about the #TwoHearts campaign and what it’s trying to do to change the perception of equestrian sports?

I think it's a great way to get across the energy, excitement and real unique bond the athletes have with the horses.

“Horses are my breath of fresh air”

Favourite horse moment?

Taking my Shetland pony in the swimming pool at my Grandfather's last home, that was really fun!! LOL!! but otherwise I love going out hacking and seeing wildlife and nature and galloping so fast that tears run down my face! 

Some people think that equestrian sports are boring, old fashioned and not really exciting.  What do you think about this?

They probably don’t know much about horses, people who have no contact will find it hard to understand the teamwork it takes and how unpredictable it can be, definately not boring! But I guess that is the beauty of life, we are all different individuals and all have our own tastes and interests. 


Your favorite food?

Chocolate, I love deserts. For a dinner I love a great beef filet.

Your coolest summer destination?


Share with us a quote that inspires you.

“A day without laughter is a day wasted” - Charlie Chaplin

“Simplicity is a difficult thing to achieve” - Charlie Chaplin


Text by FEI

Photography by Arnaud Ele (

I love galloping so fast that tears run down my face