Beat the

22 August 2016

So you’ve had two weeks of Olympic overdose. You’ve watched more show jumping than you’ve ever seen in your life.

But now it’s finished, and you’re left with that same sense of emptiness you get after you read the last page of an amazing book, or the feeling you get when the reality that you have to wait two years for the next instalment of your favourite movie series hits you.


Here are some ways to beat the post-Olympic blues, which are definitely more serious than the Monday blues. 


Find out when the next big competition is.


Maybe you never really indulged yourself in watching eventing, but you thoroughly enjoyed it. If you live in a nation with a strong eventing culture, you could pop by to a big international three or four star event to watch – it’s just as good, promise! The same goes for all the other disciplines, of course.


If not, maybe a local competition will help fill the void? Or, you could find a live stream to watch online as so many of us did during the Olympics. Even the most technologically challenged amongst us suddenly figured out how to live stream without difficulties. From the office, no less. 


Get acquainted with YouTube

There are a pretty significant amount of World Equestrian Games, World Championships, European Championships and International FEI events with video footage available on FEI TV. You could spend hours each day watching just one discipline and you’d still have enough material to keep you going for a fairly lengthy period! The excitement is still there, especially if you’re not already aware of the results – and the skilful riding is always admirable, even if you do know the results!


Take some lessons


What is it about watching those riders? You see Charlotte and Isabell Werth going head to head and suddenly you’re filled with an uncontrollable desire to learn how to perfect your canter half-pass, whilst sitting beautifully and looking as relaxed as anything. Or, your 80cm jumping efforts suddenly just don’t measure up and you’re tempted to buy a horse and start jumping 1.50m.


While that might not be possible, you probably could do some extra lessons. If you don’t ride, now is the time to try it! If you do, either book one or two more at your riding school, try out a new discipline on your own horse, treat yourself to a lesson or clinic with a really well respected trainer in your usual discipline, or even book a schoolmaster lesson on a horse that can make you feel like an Olympian for half an hour. 


Text by Sophie Baker

There are loads of FEI events available on FEI TV

Start planning for the next one!

So you’ve realised that the Olympics are more than just a sporting event. It’s a time of inspiration, hope, patriotism, enthusiasm and togetherness. None of this is more evident than with horse sports, where a true partnership and perfect harmony must be achieved for everything to come together. You’re hooked. How does a trip to Tokyo in 2020 sound? If the equestrian bug has really bitten you, maybe you’ll even be the one flying your country’s flag! If not, we’ll see you next time, proudly watching these magnificent horses and riders performing their hearts out in pursuit of Olympic glory.