A Chat With
a Champion

15 August 2016

Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum is a legend in her own lifetime. Fact.

If you move in equestrian circles, you will be nodding sagely about now.  If horse sports are new to you, then prepare to be schooled.  


Apart from being a three-time winner of the World Cup Final, World Champion, European Champion, German Champion, Winner of the Prize of Europe at Aachen 2011 and Three times "Rider of the Year”, Meredith became the first woman to reach the number one position on the FEI's Jumping world rankings.


Now currently representing Germany at the Rio Olympic Games with her horse Fibonacci, we caught up with her on the phone for a quick chat about life, love for her horses and what she likes to do on her days off.  

Photography by Fabio Petroni & Holger Schuup


 "I think Shutterfly was the best horse that ever competed in our sport"
"Becoming number 1 in the world is still one of my greatest achievements"