Marvin Brangman

Marvin Brangman

Competing forBermuda - BER
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Number of starts: 10
Number of wins: 1
Only the results from 01 January 2010 included
Discipline: Endurance Born: 2006 Studbook: Sex: Mare Last Ride: 2018
Discipline: Endurance Born: 2005 Studbook: Sex: Gelding Last Ride: 2018
Discipline: Endurance Born: 2008 Studbook: Sex: Gelding Last Ride: 2018
Date Show Event Competition Obs. Height Horse Position Score
12/09/2018 Tryon NC WEG-E WEG-E Mm Godiva Chokalat
05/05/2018 Asheville NC CEI3* 160 CEI3* 160 Mm Godiva Chokalat 1
02/03/2018 Williston FL CEI2* 120 CEI2* 120 Mm Godiva Chokalat 2
General Interest
Other information I had riding lessons at the age of nine from Barbara Heslop at Warwick Riding School, after persuading my Momma that I was really enthusiastic about horses. I soon participated in show at Warwick and elsewhere with the Bermuda Horse & Pony Association, the Pony Club, and the Saddle club. At the age of sixteen I started working at Warwick Riding School on weekends and holidays. This gave me the opportunity as a member of staff to take clinics from big name trainers who frequented Bermuda, such as Carol Green, Nancy Lindroth and George Williams among others I continued riding and competing in Bermuda, but as adulthood approached competitions further between and night life began to take over. I continued riding but not seriously whilst working at Spicelands Riding Centre, but I seemed to have lost my ambition and all hopes and dreams of riding for Bermuda. In November 1999 I moved to Lagrange in Georgia and joined the Ministry, as God has always been very important to me and I needed to get my spiritual life back in order. I got acquainted with some of the local horse people and even though I never classified myself as a trainer I was soon travelling around training, breaking, and teaching, eventually running my own business and entering local shows.

In 2012 I was introduced into the sport of Endurance Riding never having heard of it before, and considering people 'nuts' to ride in 25, 50, 75 and 100 mile races. For the next three years I continued to train the Arabians, for which I had gained a lot of respect, and eventually accepted the invitation from Christo Dunkelman to actually ride in a 25 mile race

I was 'hooked' and when Christo rekindled my ambition to represent my country Bermuda on the world stage by declaring that WEG (World Equestrian Games) will beheld in the USA in 2018 I embarked on a qualifying process ably supported by my wife Mary, who isn't even into horses. With the Assistance of coach Christo I competed in 2 x 25 and 2 x 50 mile races gaining recognition at FEI level. Then followed more challenging distances. Thank God through many up and downs and it is an honour to have the chance to ride for Bermuda on the world stage.