Daniel Bluman

Daniel Bluman

Longines Rankings

Daniel BLUMAN is a Colombian athlete and competes in Jumping.

Competing forIsrael - ISR
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Number of starts: 983
Number of wins: 33
Only the results from 01 January 2010 included
Horse Apardi
Individual Rank 63
Year Venue Horse Individual Rank Team Rank
2012   Olympic Games London Sancha Ls 20
2014   FEI World Equestrian Games™ Caen Sancha Ls 42
Discipline: Jumping Born: 2003 Studbook: SLS Sex: Mare
Discipline: Jumping Born: 2005 Studbook: KWPN Sex: Stallion
Discipline: Jumping Born: 2007 Studbook: SBS Sex: Mare
Date Show Event Competition Obs. Height Horse Position Score
17/06/2018 Calgary, Spruce Meadows AB CSI5* One Jump Off 160 Ladriano Z
16/06/2018 Calgary, Spruce Meadows AB CSI5* One Jump Off 150 Entano 9
16/06/2018 Calgary, Spruce Meadows AB CSI5* One Jump Off 150 Cartouche 11
Ranking/Standing Horse Rank Points
Pan-American Rankings 98 1265
Longines Rankings 41 1925
Combination in Jumping Ladriano Z 113 775
General Interest
Hero / Idol Canadian showjumper Eric Lamaze, Brazilian equestrian Nelson Passoa. (calgarysun.com, 06 Jun 2013)
Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs He has a picture in his mind of how he hopes to perform in an event before he competes. (getmyfix.org, 27 Jun 2012)
Famous relatives His cousins Mark Bluman and Ilan Bluman have both represented Colombia in equestrian jumping. His wife Ariel Epstein is an amateur rider who has competed for Israel. (noellefloyd.com, 22 Dec 2016; blumanequestrian.com, 04 Aug 2015)
In late 2016 he announced his decision to begin competing for Israel, the country of his mother Orly Bluman. "Everything came together with the right timing to allow me to make the decision, and a smooth transition. There were a lot of things to consider. I love Israel and I love everything that it means. I have always been very close to Israel. I went to Hebrew school growing up, and my grandfather, who is a Holocaust survivor, spent three years in Auschwitz. I remain Colombian, I love the country, I love my teammates, but this is an opportunity I cannot let pass." (noellefloyd.com, 22 Dec 2016)

In 2007 he moved from Colombia to Wellington, FL, United States of America, in order to further his equestrian career. In 2010 he set up Bluman Equestrian with his cousins Mark and Ilan. "I only had one horse for quite a long time. To cover the expenses I rode for other people, bought and sold some horses, gave lessons and was lucky to be able to win some big money classes that helped me finance my way up." (esmtoday.org, 19 Sep 2013)

He began working as an ambassador for JustWorld International as a teenager. The charity was established by US equestrian Jessica Newman, and is dedicated to humanitarian causes. In January 2014 he announced a JustWorld project working to support vulnerable children in Medellin, Colombia. He also supports the Antorchas de Vida project, which is supports children and adults living on the streets of Colombia. (elcolombiano.com, 11 Oct 2015; blumanequestrian.com, 04 Aug 2015; justworldinternational.org, 14 Oct 2011)

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Olympic Games
Gold medal - First place Gold medal - First place
Silver medal - Second place Silver medal - Second place
Bronze medal - Third place Bronze medal - Third place
Ranked Ranked
FEI World Equestrian Games™
Gold medal - First Place
Silver medal - Second place
Bronze medal - Third place