Romain Duguet

Romain Duguet

Longines Rankings

Romain DUGUET is a Swiss athlete and competes in Jumping.

Competing forSwitzerland - SUI
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Number of starts: 2218
Number of wins: 95
Only the results from 01 January 2010 included
Individual Rank 32
Team Rank 6
Discipline: Born: 2004 Studbook: SF Sex: Mare
Quorida De Treho
Discipline: Jumping Born: 2010 Studbook: SF Sex: Mare
Discipline: Jumping Born: 2007 Studbook: SBS Sex: Gelding
Date Show Event Competition Obs. Height Horse Position Score
09/12/2018 Geneva CSI5* Prix de l'Institut International de Lancy 140 Tanaelle Du Moulin
08/12/2018 Geneva CSI5* Coupe de Genève 155 Calder
08/12/2018 Geneva CSI5* Prix Starling Hotel Geneva 145 Tanaelle Du Moulin 15
Ranking/Standing Horse Rank Points
Longines Rankings 204 886
Pan-American Rankings 226 615
Combination in Jumping Twentytwo Des Biches 58 975
General Interest
Hobbies Cooking, playing golf, skiing. (, 23 Jan 2017;, 16 Jul 2015)
Sporting philosophy / motto "If a horse does not feel comfortable with the rider, or vice versa, then you have no chance." (, 27 Jul 2016)
Famous relatives His wife Christiana has competed as an amateur jumper in national and international tournaments. (, 30 May 2013)
Other information STABLES
He runs Ecurie Duguet with his wife Christiana in Gumligen, Switzerland. He trains and trades horses, and coaches riders. (Facebook page, 24 May 2018;, 02 Apr 2017)

He obtained Swiss citizenship at the end of 2012. He officially switched from representing France to Switzerland in January 2013. "I have done this in order to affirm my love for this country where I feel at home. I have lived here for more than 10 years and my wife and children are Swiss," he said at the time. (, 12 Oct 2012;, 10 Oct 2012)

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Olympic Games
Gold medal - First place Gold medal - First place
Silver medal - Second place Silver medal - Second place
Bronze medal - Third place Bronze medal - Third place
Ranked Ranked
FEI World Equestrian Games™
Gold medal - First Place
Silver medal - Second place
Bronze medal - Third place