Anna Kasprzak

Anna Kasprzak

FEI Dressage World Ranking

Anna KASPRZAK is a Danish athlete and competes in Dressage.

Competing forDenmark - DEN
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Number of starts: 107
Number of wins: 20
Only the results from 01 January 2010 included
Individual Rank 14
Team Rank 6
Year Venue Horse Individual Rank Team Rank
2012   Olympic Games London Donnperignon 18
2014   FEI World Equestrian Games™ Caen Donnperignon 7
Discipline: Dressage Born: 2008 Studbook: WESTF Sex: Gelding
Discipline: Dressage Born: 2009 Studbook: SWB Sex: Gelding Last Ride: 2018
Discipline: Dressage Born: 1999 Studbook: FWB Sex: Gelding Last Ride: 2017
Date Show Event Competition Obs. Height Horse Position Score
10/03/2019 Herning CDI4* GP FS - Grand Prix Freestyle to Music Rock Star 13 4 78.775
08/03/2019 Herning CDI4* GP - Grand Prix Rock Star 13 4 73.717
11/11/2018 Randbøl CDI3* GPS - Grand Prix Special Quarton 2 70.596
Ranking/Standing Horse Rank Points
FEI Dressage World Ranking Rock Star 13 499 449
FEI Dressage World Ranking Quarton 515 404
FEI Dressage World Cup™ Standings 47 11
General Interest
Hero / Idol Danish dressage rider Andreas Helgstrand. (, 09 May 2013)
Injuries She sustained a chest injury after she was kicked by her horse during a veterinary inspection at the 2015 European Championships in Aachen, Germany. She attempted to continue through the competition but was eventually forced to retire. She was later diagnosed with a cracked sternum, as well as three broken ribs, and was away from competition for two months. (, 13 Oct 2015;, 06 Oct 2015;, 26 Aug 2015)
Sporting philosophy / motto "Dressage is a sport where there is always something to learn, always something to improve. I put a lot of resources into getting to know my horses. No two are alike, and they all have different needs." (, 30 May 2018)
Famous relatives Her mother Hanni Toosbuy is the owner and chairman of the shoe manufacturing company Ecco, which operates in several countries in northern Europe. (, 13 Feb 2014;, 29 May 2017)

Medals description

Olympic Games
Gold medal - First place Gold medal - First place
Silver medal - Second place Silver medal - Second place
Bronze medal - Third place Bronze medal - Third place
Ranked Ranked
FEI World Championships
Gold medal - First Place
Silver medal - Second place
Bronze medal - Third place