Jaume Punti Dachs

Jaume Punti Dachs


Jaume PUNTI DACHS is a Spanish athlete and competes in Endurance.

Competing forSpain - ESP
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Number of starts: 41
Number of wins: 6
Only the results from 01 January 2010 included
Individual Rank 5
Team Rank
Discipline: Endurance Born: 2005 Studbook: Sex: Mare
Discipline: Endurance Born: 2007 Studbook: Sex: Gelding Last Ride: 2017
Discipline: Endurance Born: 2001 Studbook: Sex: Mare Last Ride: 2015
Date Show Event Competition Obs. Height Horse Position Score
28/04/2018 Tryon NC CEI2* 120 Test event for 2018 WEG CEI2* 120 Cashin In
17/08/2017 Brussels - Endurance CH-EU-E 160 CH-EU-E 160 Twyst Maison Blanche
16/09/2016 Samorin CH-M-E CH-M-E Twyst Maison Blanche 1
General Interest
Nicknames Juma [reading Jaume in contracts, people pronounced it Juma]. (ecuestreonline.com, 07 Nov 2008)
Sporting philosophy / motto "We can't live in the past, so we set ourselves the goal of winning something important each year. And after a race, even if we have won it, we have a meeting to analyse and correct mistakes." (ecuestreonline.com, 07 Nov 2008)
Famous relatives His wife Maria Alvarez Ponton has represented Spain in endurance and won gold at the 2010 World Equestrian Games [WEG] in Lexington, KY, United States of America. (gulfnews.com, 17 Sep 2016; normandy2014.com, 28 Aug 2014)
Other information STABLES
He is co-founder of Juma's Team, which has become a global business with more than 200 horses. In Spain the team has facilities in El Rocal, Sora and La Tria. There were three centres set up in France, as well as one in Uruguay. (jumasteam.com, 02 May 2015; ecuestreonline.com, 07 Nov 2008)

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Olympic Games
Gold medal - First place Gold medal - First place
Silver medal - Second place Silver medal - Second place
Bronze medal - Third place Bronze medal - Third place
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FEI World Equestrian Games™
Gold medal - First Place
Silver medal - Second place
Bronze medal - Third place