Lisa Wilcox

Lisa Wilcox


Lisa WILCOX is an American athlete and competes in Dressage.

Competing forUnited States of America - USA
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Number of starts: 97
Number of wins: 13
Only the results from 01 January 2010 included
HorseRelevant 5
Individual Rank 27
Team Rank
Discipline: Dressage Born: 2006 Studbook: BWP Sex: Gelding Last Ride: 2017
Discipline: Dressage Born: 2005 Studbook: Sex: Mare Last Ride: 2016
Discipline: Dressage Born: 2009 Studbook: Sex: Stallion Last Ride: 2016
Date Show Event Competition Obs. Height Horse Position Score
24/03/2017 Wellington FL CDIO3* CDIO3* Grand Prix Freestyle CDIO3* Galant 3 73.175
24/03/2017 Wellington FL CDIO3* Team - Team Classification Galant 2 140.246
23/03/2017 Wellington FL CDIO3* CDIO3* FEI Grand Prix Special CDIO3* Galant 4 69.686
General Interest
Hobbies Diving. (, 27 Oct 2014)
Most influential person in career Her father. (, 30 May 2011)
Sporting philosophy / motto "Do it with a smile." (, 30 May 2011)
Other information EUROPEAN STINT
In 1994 she took her horse Funny Boy, to Germany for four months to train with Herbert Rehbein. She returned to Europe in 1995, working at a stud farm in Denmark for six months, and then at a stud farm in Germany for two years. Then in 1997 she was offered a job at Gestut Vorwerk, an Oldenburg stud farm, under the tutelage of Ernst Hoyos. She returned to the United States in 2006. "Ernst was trainer at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, and I was able to profit from his unbelievable ability to put himself in the position of the horse as well as the rider, to be riding with you while standing on the ground and to have solutions for problems within seconds. I owe my skill in the saddle to his lessons and intuitive understanding." She returned to the United States and established a base in Florida in 2004. (, 27 Oct 2014;, 30 May 2011)

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Olympic Games
Gold medal - First place Gold medal - First place
Silver medal - Second place Silver medal - Second place
Bronze medal - Third place Bronze medal - Third place
Ranked Ranked
FEI World Championships
Gold medal - First Place
Silver medal - Second place
Bronze medal - Third place