2016 Equine Anti-Doping Decisions 

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2016 Equine Anti-Doping Decisions
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DateHorsePerson Responsible (PR) or OthersEventSubstance(s)/Other violation
23 June 2016NEXT IN LINE AT GRANGEWAY        Abdulla Thaous S J           Al Naimi (QAT)CEIYJ1*90 – Doha, Mesaieed (QAT) 11.04.2015Dexamethasone (Controlled Medication)
23 June 2016 VICTARSaid Al Balushi (OMA)

CEIYJ1* 80 - Muscat (OMA) 29.11.2014

Dexamethasone, Furosemide (Controlled Medication)

09 June 2016ALEXIAThafer Dweih Albakry (KSA)CEI2*120 - Riyadh (KSA) 04.04.2015Salicylic Acid (Controlled Medication)
02 June 2016CASTLE QUALITYSamuel Oliva (ESP)             CSI2* - Mijas (ESP)              11-16.11.2014 Phenylbutazone, Dexamethasone (Controlled Medication)
24 May 2016RALPHDavid Barradas (POR)

CEI1*80 – Elvas, Santa Eulalia (POR) 25.01.2014

Phenylbutazone (Controlled Medication)
19 April 2016WAKANAConstanza Jaramillo (COL)   CDI1* - Bogotá (COL)      15-17.05.2015Theophylline, Caffeine (Controlled Medication)
08 February 2016OFFSHORE D’AMAURYCarlos Ramirez (COL)CSI1*-W - Bogotá (COL) 03-06.09.2015Atropine, Scopolamine (Controlled Medication)
01 February 2016FYF SHABAANIMegan Savory-Davis (USA)CEI3* 100 – Williston (USA), 25.02 - 01.03.2015Use or Attempted use of Controlled Medication Substance or Controlled Medication Method 
Past Anti-Doping Decisions
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