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Hayley BERESFORD, Australian Dressage athlete.

FEI ID 10034906
Gender Female
Date of Birth 26/06/1978
Competing for Australia - AUS
Registration Dressage 2019
Last update 07/05/2019
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General Interest
Nicknames HB, Honey Badger (, 2016)
Hobbies Fitness, yoga, spending time with friends, travel. (, 2016)
Memorable sporting achievement Competing at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. (, 2016)
Most influential person in career German equestrian Isabell Werth. (, 2016; Athlete, 03 Jul 2012)
Hero / Idol German rider Isabell Werth. (Athlete, 03 Jul 2012)
Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs She likes to be organised and do her ironing the night before competition. (, 2016)
Sporting philosophy / motto "Don't leave the points in the sand." (Athlete, 03 Jul 2012)
Famous relatives Her father Phillip Beresford was a showjumper in Western Australia. Her grandmother Sheila Cooke was a founder of three-day-eventing in Australia and a selector for the national team. Her mother showed horses and her uncles were involved in showjumping and horse racing. (, 2016;, 21 Dec 2007)
Other information FROM AUSTRALIA TO GERMANY She relocated from Australia to Germany in 2006, where she began working with German equestrian Isabell Werth. "The first time I came was for six weeks, then I was home. I was only home for three weeks before I was pretty itchy to get back. When I came back we talked about it, and Isabell said I was welcome to stay. I went home, sold my house, sold my car, sold everything, wound up my business and started full-time in Germany. At some point we always have to take the next step and as difficult as it was to leave the security of Isabell's stable it was the right thing for my career." (, 01 Mar 2018;, 2016;, 31 Mar 2015) STABLES She and her business partner Jule Fehl run Eiserner Hof in Bissingen an der Teck, Germany. The pair purchased the equestrian facility in January 2018, having rented the property for the previous four years. They train and trade horses, and also coach riders. "My business has grown into a partnership now, and together Jule and I share the vision of creating 'our' place where we can live out our dreams combining our passion, our sport and our home lives." (, 01 Mar 2018) OTHER ACTIVITIES She has served as board member in the International Dressage Riders Club [IDRC], an association recognised by the FEI that represents international dressage riders. (, 11 Apr 2017;, 19 Oct 2011) MUSICAL BACKGROUND As a child she played the flute and travelled with the Australian Youth Orchestra. (, 19 Mar 2015)
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? She began riding at age six in Narrogin, WA, Australia.
Why this sport? Her family was involved in riding so it was natural for her to take up the sport. "While we couldn't afford to buy the most expensive schooled horses for me, we leased some super horses that saw me riding advanced dressage movements at age 14 and eventing and showjumping at decent levels while still quite young."
Club / Team Eiserner Hof: Germany
International Debut
Year 2007
Competing for Australia
Location Germany
Further Personal Information
Residence Bissingen an der Teck, GER
Occupation Athlete, Coach, Horse Trainer
Languages English, German