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Grete PÜVI

Grete BARAKE is an Estonian athlete and competes in Dressage.

Name Grete PÜVI
FEI ID 10029341
Gender Female
Date of Birth 12/03/1982
Competing for Estonia - EST
Registration Dressage 2017
Last update 08/09/2015
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Dressage 70x70
General Interest
Nicknames Coco
Hobbies Piano, singing, all sports
Memorable sporting achievement The whole 2014 season with my new equine partner Talent
Most influential person in career Udo Lange, Alexandre Ayache
Hero / Idol My horses!
Sporting philosophy / motto If you are hungry and work hard enough - anything is possible!
Awards and honours Best Estonian dressage rider, multiple times
Famous relatives Sister Pirjo Püvi - opera singer Uncle Leo Näppinen - philosophy professor, scientist
Ambitions To be the best I can in what I do
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? She loved horses from an early age. Her parents did not want her to ride because they thought it was too dangerous, preferring her to play the piano and do athletics. At age 12 she secretly went riding with friends. When her parents found out they were angry but realised they could not oppose her passion for horse riding.
Why this sport? Since I was little I have always loved horses. Now I have learned to love the art of dressage
Name of coach Alexander Ayache, FRA
Coach from which country? France
Coach from what year? January 2014
Training Regime I ride about 10 horses a day for the last 15 years of my life, go running and swimming a few times a week
Sponsor Childeric Sellerie, AK Collection
International Debut
Year 2005
Competing for Estonia
Tournament CDI3*
Location Warka, Poland
Further Personal Information
Residence Nice, FRA
Occupation Rider
Languages Estonian, English, German, French, Finnish, Russian
Higher education Business - Estonian Business School: Tallinn, EST